Summer Nature and Science Camp

6-14 years old

Ladybird Nature and Science Summer Camp (6-14 years old)

Deposit: $20 per child / per week and is applied towards the summer camp weekly tuition – fees are Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable.

REGISTRATION FEE: One time fee of $50 per child; Registration fees are Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable.

WEEKLY FEE: 8:00am-3:30pm: $275/week* per child

                       8:00am – 6:00pm: $350/week* per child

*8:00am-3:30pm: $200 for the week of July 1st and July 22nd (3-day week)

*8:00am-6:00pm: $275 for the week of July 1st and July 22nd (3-day week)

DISCOUNT: Register for all 8 weeks of summer camp and receive a 15% discount on your summer camp tuition!

CAMP WEEK THEMES: Throughout the entire summer camp program the students will have access to the school farm, outdoor nature spaces, board game station, independent STEAM center, and the independent art and music center. The themed activities are always optional to participate in. Our Summer Camp is screen free for students under 9 years of age. For the students 9 years and older screens are only used if needed for an activity such as coding. We do not show movies or use screens for entertainment purposes. We want the children experiencing the real world at our Summer Camp!

Week of June 3rd: Summer Fun! This week we will have a variety of Sports, STEAM, and Art Activities surrounding the theme of Summer such as water balloon fun, crystal seashells science, and developing our Summer Snow Cone Business!

Week of June 10th: Sports and Board/Card Game Fun! This week we will be learning about a variety of sports and games that will continue to be played throughout the summer camp as students wish to participate. We will have gaga ball, soccer, pickle-ball, flag football, etc. We will have guest sports presenters visiting this week as well! For board games and card games we will be giving presentations and lessons on chess, checkers, a variety of board games and a variety of card games (the older students in the program will have the opportunity to learn some poker games but do not actually gamble. We found our older students really love Texas Hold’em and we think it is better than playing video games!)

Week of June 17th: Science week! This week will have a variety of activities depending on your child’s age and knowledge in these areas. There will be introductory science experiments along with more complex coding and robotics activities for our older students.

Week of June 24th: Talent Show Week! The students will have the opportunity in prior weeks leading up to this week as well to be working on a skill to perform in the Summer Camp talent show! For students who do not wish to perform a skill or talent in the show there will be options to help with creating backdrops, running the sound system, supporting backstage, helping run concessions and snow cones, etc. The Talent Show performance will be on Friday, June 28th at 10am under our outdoor events tent (weather permitting) and parents will be welcome to come and watch if they would like!

Week of July 1st: Farm Week and Leave No Trace! Learn about the 7 principles of Leave No Trace and spend time on our school farm with our animals and learn about what it takes to run a farm and care for our animals! We will have a guest farmer visit this week as well!

Week of July 8th: Camping and Survival Week! This week we will have a variety of lessons on living off the land, Texas wildlife, building tents and shelters, and as long as there isn’t a burn ban – learning to build a campfire! If there is a burn ban we will make solar ovens instead of the campfire.

Week of July 15th: Pottery and Art Week! This week we will have lessons with the pottery wheel that is in the art station in our camp and have more complex lessons in pottery as well as other art forms that will be differentiated by age. We will have a guest artist visiting this week as well!

Week of July 22th: Geology and Gemstones week! We will learn about rocks, minerals, crystals, and fossils. The students will also get to make their own rock candy!

Special Note: Ladybird Montessori can easily accommodate a variety of academic needs and are happy to do so. We do have a strict behavior policy however, which helps ensure our students and staff have a safe learning environment. If your child is struggling to self regulate their body at their current academic setting and you are getting many reports of concern from current teachers and administration, then Ladybird will most likely not be a good fit for your child, as we have high expectations for the social emotional well being of our classroom settings.



Environmental Science

  • Ladybird Montessori is located on 14.5 acres of land in Buda, TX. The birth-3 program gets to experience our nature program by going on stroller rides on the walking trail at our school farm and outdoor classroom space. The 3-6 years olds get to go on nature walks on the walking trail, have lessons in the outdoor classroom space, and also have a 2,000 square foot covered porch attached to their classrooms to encourage outdoor learning. The elementary students have a nature class elective in our outdoor classroom space and help care for our farm animals. The future middle school students will have a makerspace where they design different elements for our outdoor spaces such as water irrigation, planter boxes, permaculture projects, etc.

  • Spanish Program

  • Ladybird Montessori has a Spanish program that is hosted by Mariposas Spanish School for Kids. An instructor comes out weekly to present new lessons that the students continue to practice in their classrooms throughout the week.

  • Music Program

  • In the birth-3 and 3-6 programs music is a big part of our group lessons and a wonderful way to teach a variety of lessons in language and social emotional development. In the elementary and middle school programs there are sound bars and lessons where the students practice reading and writing sheet music which can springboard to support any instrument the student may be learning at home. The elementary program also has a choir that has a few performances throughout the year and the middle school will have school plays that incorporate musical elements.

  • The Arts

  • In the birth-3 and 3-6 classrooms, there is a designated art section in the classrooms that will rotate to expose students to a variety of art lessons. In the elementary program, there is an art shelf and art is also integrated into the project based learning assignments in the curriculum. In the middle school, the students will have the ability to create a variety of art projects and art installations in the new makerspace.

  • Global Citizens

  • In the 3-6 classrooms the students study geography and cultural lessons to learn about people different than they are. In the elementary classrooms the students get to start their “going out” activities and volunteer in the local community at places such as the Hays County Food Bank. In the middle school the students also volunteer locally as well as have some opportunities to travel as a class for a weekend or week getaway to a farther off destination to learn about permaculture or other interesting lessons at facilities intended for academic growth and hands-on experiences to help improve our world, such as at the Blackwood Land Institute in Hempstead, TX.

  • 2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

    New Enrollment

    For students new to Ladybird Montessori.

    Application: $50.00 (per student)
    Enrollment: $200.00 (per family)
    Enrichment: $150.00 (per student)

    Total: $400.00

    (Application, Enrollment, and Enrichment Fees are Non-Refundable and hold your child’s placement in the classroom prior to start date.)


    For returning students each school year.

    Re-Enrollment: $150.00
    (re-enrollment fee covers all children in that family)
    Enrichment: $150.00 (per student)
    (fee goes towards supplies for the year)

    Total: $300.00 (per student)
    Total for family with 2 students: $450.00

    (Re-enrollment and enrichment fees are non-refundable.)

    Monthly Tuition:

    Nido Community (NC): (8 weeks – 18 months)
    NC: $1,350/month (7:00am-6:00pm) (12-month program)

    Young Children’s Community (YCC): (18 months – 3 years)
    YCC: $1,250/month (7:00am-6:00pm) (12-month program)

    Children’s House (CH): (3 years – 6 years OR preschool – kindergarten)
    CH Half Day Program: $900/month (8:30am-12:00pm) (12-month program)
    CH Full Day Program: $950/month (8:30am-3:30pm) (12-month program)
    CH Extended Day Program: $1,200/month (7:00am-6:00pm) (12-month program)
    CH After Care: $200/month (3:00pm-6:00pm) (12-month program)

    Elementary Program (Lower El (6-9 years OR 1st – 3rd grade) and Upper El (9-12 years OR 3rd – 6th grade))
    Elementary Program: $1,000/month (8:00am-3:00pm) (10-month program)
    Elementary After Care: $225/month (3:00pm-6:00pm) 10-month program)

    Middle School Program (12-15 years OR 7th – 9th grade)
    Middle School Program: $1,300/month (8:00am-3:00pm) (10-month program)
    Middle School After Care: $225/month (3:00pm-6:00pm) (10-month program)


    Sibling Discount: $25 off per child, per month (cannot be applied to pay in advance options)
    Pay in Advance Discount:
    Pay 6 months in advance:
    5% discount off tuition
    Pay 12 months in advance: 10% discount off tuition
    Elementary Alumni Graduates who re-enroll for Middle School: 15% discount off tuition

    Field Trip Fees:

    Lower Elementary: $400.00 annually or $200.00 bi-annually
    Upper Elementary: $500.00 annually or $250.00 bi-annually
    Middle School: $600.00 annually or $300.00 bi-annually

    ***Does not include the optional Model UN field trip to New York in the spring of 2024***