Monday, November 07, 2022

For the love of Montessori and Motherhood

Niki Foster, the school owner and Director of Ladybird, discovered her love for the Montessori method while working at Mariposa Montessori School in Austin, TX from 2007-2009. In 2009, she decided to try and take Montessori to public school and worked at Patton Elementary in AISD from 2009-2013. It was during those years that Niki started her own family and realized through her own teaching experience in the Texas public school system that she did not want her own children in that system. Niki also realized how hard it was to convince teachers and schools who had been doing things the traditional way for so long, to adopt Montessori methods in their classrooms. Due to Niki’s love for both her children and for the Montessori method, she decided to open Ladybird Montessori School in Buda, TX.

Niki’s husband, Justin, found the property that is now home to the Ladybird Montessori campus. He knocked out walls, painted, put in new flooring, as well as all sorts of other maintenance projects to turn the home they purchased into a school. He put so much hard work into the campus out of his love for his children and because he wanted his children to have a Montessori Education. After much love, sweat, and tears Niki and Justin were able to open the Ladybird campus in the Fall of 2013. At the time there was one Children’s House classroom and one Young Children’s Community classroom because those were the 2 classes they needed for their own sons. They opened a Nido classroom when they realized they would need that program for their 3rd son. Also, as their 3 sons grew in age, they added additional programs to ensure their children, and the Ladybird Community, would continue to receive a Montessori education. The Elementary program was opened in 2018 and the new Middle School program will be opening in the Fall of 2023.

Everything Niki plans for the school comes from her reflections as a mother regarding her own 3 boys who attend the school as well as her knowledge and numerous certifications in the Montessori method. The 14 acres of nature space, experiential learning, the upcoming Makerspace, and so much more are all things Niki wants for her own children as well as for the Ladybird Community as a whole. Other parents at Ladybird can rest assured that their children are receiving the best education and environment because Niki’s own children are in classes along with their children. Every choice Niki makes for the campus comes from her love as a mother and her love of Montessori. Many of the other Lead Guides at Ladybird also have their children enrolled in the various classrooms. This helps create a cohesive and dedicated team of educators who are truly invested in the quality instruction and experience Ladybird provides.